The Meaning of the Logo

Schools of knowledge claim that metaphorically the horse represents the emotional, the driver represents the mental, the carriage represents the physical, and the passenger represents the spiritual.  This, in itself becomes the passage to self-realization and self-realization becomes the path to happiness. 

Harnessing Happiness

Harnessing Happiness Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to teaching problem solving skills, conflict resolution and appropriate behavior through emotional awareness and intelligence.   We deal with the issues that are plaguing our society, from cradle to grave.  To live a happy and healthy life, no matter how old you are, is based on our ability to deal with problems.  The world, by and large is complex and confusing.  Therefore, we make a very strong effort to create materials that are easy and simple.  We provide simple solutions to difficult every day problems and challenges, that are direct, pure, respectful and truthful.  Through this mandate, we firmly believe we will see a decrease in violence, suicide, depression, addiction and we will see an increase in love, respect, honor, peace and happiness.  More often than not, through our work, we miraculously witness incredible transformation and transmutation.

Our environment is a great concern of ours.  Based on that consciousness Onionhead and Harnessing Happiness materials are printed on tree free, or 100% recycled paper with non-toxic ink.  Because we are blessed to have a corporate sponsor, who supplies the funds for all manufacturing and administrative costs, we are able to give 100% of the money from the sales to our projects.

We co-created the problems, now let’s co-create the solutions.


Onionhead is this incredibly pure, wise and adorable character who teaches us how to name it - claim it - tame it - aim it. He wants everyone to know how they feel and then know what to do with those feelings. He helps us direct our emotions in a truthful and compassionate way, which in turn assists us to communicate more appropriately and peacefully. We then approach life from a place of our wellness rather than a place of our wounds.

Peel it - feel it - heal it


Free Downloadable Manuals

Harnessing Happiness Foundation offers materials for personal development only and does not claim to solve or cure any problems.


For Kids and Tweens

Speech manaul

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Empowerment Manual tweens and teens

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Hero Program

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For Teens and Adults

Love Manual

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Hope Manual

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Serentiy Manual

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Truth Manual

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Happiness Manual

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How to Live the Good life

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Quote for the Day

Peel it - Feel it - Heal it





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Leadership Wisdoms

40 Hope Wisdoms

40 Money Wisdoms

40 Goodness Wisdoms

40 Love Wisdoms

40 Sobriety Wisdoms

40 Happiness Wisdoms

40 Power Wisdoms

40 Morality Wisdoms

40 Relationship Wisdoms

40 Joy Wisdoms

40 Enlightenment Wisdoms

Mother Teresa's Wisdoms


Problem Solving


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Anger Management

Death and Dying



Suicidal Feelings

40 Suicide Prevention Wisdoms




Suggesitons for Maintaining a Happy Life

How to Peacefully Change the World

How to be the Miracles

The 40 Verbs to Caring

Recipe for a Delicious Person

Harnessing Happiness S.A.L.A.D.

Flight Plan to an Elevated Life

A-Z Path to a Happy Life

Turning Dollars Into Dreams

Color Chart

Living Good












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