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Most people suffer from abandonment issues and do not even know it.  From the time of birth, when we leave our mothers and are taken to the nursery, our soul experiences a sense of loss.  This sense of loss follows us through our life’s journey.

The feelings of rejection, disappointment, hurt, anger, and even rage are seeded from our feelings of being abandoned.  In today’s world where community does not exist, where divorce is so prevalent, where jobs are very hard to come by, where money is such an important issue, where violence is on the rise, the abandonment issue has become a part of our everyday existence.  Therefore, it stands to reason that it needs to be addressed much more than it is.

The opposite of abandoned is cherished.  How often do we feel cherished? How often do we cherish another?  How often do we feel respected and how often do we show respect to another? How often do we feel honored?  How often do we take the time to honor another?  All these questions lead to the answer of diminishing the feeling of abandonment. 

Our guides and tools are designed to show people how to deal with the hurt and despair of abandonment.  The more empowered we feel within ourselves, the more connected we are to something higher than ourselves; the more our emotional challenges will be experienced with grace and ease.  Our skin becomes softer, yet stronger because we become more pliable. 

Feeling abandoned cannot be escaped while living in this world.  We must accept this as fact.  The smartest thing we can do is use it as a teaching moment to transform it into something positive and rewarding.

Issues that Stimulate the Feeling of Abandonment

Day one from birth
Mother and Father going to work
Going to Camp
First time going to school
Relationships that do not work out
Not being hired for a job
Personal points of view not being accepted
Bad government policies
Legal injustices
Lack of Health Care
Being left hanging on the phone
Someone being late for our meetings
Losing money
Being turned down for a loan, mortgage or credit card
Not passing a test
Not having enough money to meet our needs and standards
Not being able to have children
Separation and Divorce
Death and Dying



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