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Addiction has become one of our society’s most pressing problems and most tragic illnesses.  Every year, it tears away at the heart of millions of families and creeps closer to children’s doorstep.  What used to affect only those who could afford indulgence, now affects the world at large.  The human soul yearns for love and acceptance and the mind often thinks we need to alter ourselves in order to achieve that.

Addiction of any nature is spiritual bankruptcy.  By and large, people who are addicted are very spiritual.  The successful result of the Twelve Step Program, which is based on a connection to a Higher Power, proves just that.

Sensitive people have a very difficult time surviving the heartbreak in our world. In the midst of all the confusion and injury, substance is used in order to numb feelings.  Therefore, once deciding to recover, the ability to identify ones feelings is vitally important.  We learn to find true happiness by honoring ourselves.  We take inventory and decide what we like about ourselves and what we are going to change.  This leads to a transformation which sparks recovery.  We find a new serenity.

Harnessing Happiness tools are a simple and direct way to re-discover oneself.  We are what we feel and getting to know one’s self is the only way to get to a healthy, peaceful life.  At the seat of all that affects the body is something that is tearing at the heart.  We must learn to look at our own shortcomings with softer eyes and transform our dis-ease into our self-empowerment.

They have also assisted in the restoration of families and in the stopping of dysfunctional, addictive and co-dependent patterns.  Doors open to walking the path of honest communication so that we can retrieve what we have lost or are losing.  We regain a foothold for the purity and serenity of our innocence.

Positive Suggestions

  • Stay away from people and places that stimulate adrenaline rushes.
  • Eat good healthy food.
  • Exercise in a way that makes your body feel good.
  • Yoga.
  • Stay away from all substance, drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants (unless medically advised).
  • Walk in nature.
  • Set a stage of serenity – water fountains, candles, soft music, or incense.
  • Place beautiful pictures where we live and work that connect us to our soul.
  • Be cognizant of being tidy and clean.
  • Go to the ocean or a lake… any body of water that is near.
  • Watch only films and TV that are inspiring and loving.
  • Stay away from newspapers and news on TV.
  • Find channels of communication that are awe inspiring.
  • Always be on the lookout for people who are loving and enthusiastic.
  • If you love animals go and help them at a nearby shelter.
  • Use cards or other divination tools that give positive messages and listen to them.
  • Collect pictures of things we love or dreams we have and do a collage…it works!
  • Read things that are uplifting. 
  • Do not let yourself get over tired.

Go to the Good News Network, where they report on positive news and stories daily.


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