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Anger Management

Anger is not an action, it is a reaction.  It is a reaction to fear, shame, hurt, helplessness, abandonment and grief, just to name a few.  We live in a society that is desensitized by violence and crime.  What was considered impossible is now an everyday occurrence.

We must get a handle on this situation.  We need to become the change we want to see.  Peace begins with each one of us making a conscious decision to handle our emotions with a grace and mindfulness. When we come to understand that nothing has to go right in order for us to feel good, we become empowered and enlightened.  Happiness is not the absence of problems; it is the ability to deal with them.

We should not deny our anger.  It can also be used for motivation.  We need to use it to know when something is out of place and not in alignment with the highest good.  Anger can become the seed that creates a totally new garden.  It can serve as stimulation for change, for justice and for solution.

Most great people created change from their righteous fury.  They could not stand one more minute of the injustices. Today’s impossibilities can become tomorrow’s realities when human efforts are fueled by righteous and heartfelt anger. There is a clear connection between caring and wrath. One’s wrath often speaks of their healthy protection and respect for themselves and another.

As a great Master once said: “For those that are not angry are worth little, for those who lose their temper are worthless.”

Suggested solutions that help transmute angry feelings:

Eat good healthy food.
Stay away from all substance, drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants (unless medically advised).
Exercise in a way that your body feels comfortable.
Walk in nature.
Set a stage of serenity – water fountains, candles, soft music, or incense.
Place beautiful pictures where we live and work that connect us to our soul.
Be cognizant of being tidy and clean.
Read things that are uplifting. 
Go to the Good News Network where they report on positive news and stories daily.
Do good deeds - they hold the seeds of peace and happiness.

Issues that Stimulate Anger

Hopelessness - not seeing anything positive in our future, so why bother attitude erupts.
Suggested solution: Find our purpose for being here in this world.  Knowing our purpose is knowing our power. There IS a bigger picture, however we must seek it…for only the seeker shall find.

Helplessness- feeling like there is nothing that can be done about something we do not like.
Suggested Solution: Develop an acceptance of things we cannot change yet commit to what we can change. So many things are out of our control; therefore it behooves us to focus on what we CAN control…..mainly ourselves.

Fear - fear creates an extremely angry feeling, enraged at not feeling safe in this world.
Suggested Solution: Examine to see if the fear is wisdom, for example, maybe we should not go to places that are dangerous or involve ourselves with people who dangerously create problems.  We need to be conscious of surrounding ourselves with people whom we can trust. We need to try endeavors that feed our souls, being very careful not to invoke any kind of soul loss.  Soul loss is a loss of our light.  When we lose our light, darken energies come into our space.

Lack of Faith - not believing in a power higher than ourselves, staying with low thought forms.
Suggested Solution: Find a group that believes, find a mentor who can connect us to something higher than ourselves, spend time with animals, walk in nature and really look at what has been so beautifully created, deliberately look for beauty in art, in films, in stores, in nature.

Feeling Unloved and Unlovable– which leads to loneliness and angry isolation.
Suggested Solution:
Learning to care for ourselves ensures stability in our emotional being, our spirit and our lives.
We need to be conscious of our self-talk, saying only positive things about ourselves to ourselves.
We need to be conscious of our mind chatter, thinking only positive things about ourselves to ourselves.

Feeling Abandoned– left and not nurtured, which leads to intense hurt and rage.
Suggested Solution: We have all been abandoned at one time or another.  The key is not to abandon ourselves.  Being left can leave us with a feeling of low self-esteem and intense rage.  We live in a world that is going so fast; in so many directions that abandonment seems to be occurring more and more.  Therefore, no matter how old we are, we need to know that we are all children of the Universe and we will make it through. When one door closes, another opens, we just need to keep the faith.

Depression– a feeling of “nothing seems to be worth anything - why bother,” which usually comes from unexpressed and unresolved pent-up anger.
Suggested Solutions:
One sure way of getting out of depression, is everyday make a commitment to do five acts of goodness for someone or something.
Look to those less fortunate and do something about it. 
Being of service automatically sparks a new productivity.
Try to source our unresolved feelings and look for a good listener.
Invoke and know that to every problem – there is a solution.
Find guidance from others that we respect.
Go to a happy movie.
Play joyful music.
Read Positive Stories.


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