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Autism & Special Needs

With the incidence of Autism having increased by 300% and information coming out about Indigo Children, Psychic Children, Crystal Children, etc. it is clear that we need to pay attention, to what their needs are and how we can support them. 

Children are more extremely evolved and sensitive. They are highly sensitive not only to sound, light (may see in the dark), touch and taste, but also to energy fields. They can sense the energy fields of individuals, large groups of people, the electromagnetic fields generated by the electricity in our buildings and the energy of humanity’s collective consciousness, which unfortunately more times than not tends to be fear based.

In trying to teach them to talk, it may sometimes feel that you are dragging them down to communicate in a manner for which they were not designed. They will eventually learn speech, but it will be later than other children and it is important that we learn the natural way of communicating with them until they are ready to speak.

Their difficulties in social interaction with others may be related to the experience of not having their natural communication received and responded to by others. Obviously, as parents, therapists and teachers, we will have to develop skills of telepathic communication to be able to interact with and support them.

They appear to be advanced visually and symbolically, learning letters and numbers at a much younger age.  Nonverbal methods of communication, such as picture exchange communication and gestures are very important.

These visual and symbolic skills seem to be the key.  This is the reason Onionhead works so well.  They can completely identify with the character.  He introduces them to sensibility, sentimentality, sense of responsibility and common sense.  Through identifying with Onionhead the world we live in becomes understandable and accessible to them.


Have fountains in your home.
Whenever possible, take a warm bath.
Soft music with running water, whale and dolphin sounds.
Swimming with dolphins (the Florida Keys and Hawaii).
A picture with a whale and/or dolphin in the water for their room.
Whale and dolphin videos that have no violence in them.
Dolphin and whale patterns on clothing.
Whirlpool baths (not too hot).
Have fish in your home.
There are other kinds of baths offered, such as Watsu water therapy (also good for parents).

Colors and Textures
Only soft colors for clothing - nothing too vibrant.
Only soft material such as flannel or soft cotton, nothing too tight.
No busy patterns on clothing, bedding, etc.
Water or cloud patterns for bedding.
Soft lighting - absolutely no fluorescent, lamps are better than overhead.
Color for walls; pastel blue, green and pink.
Textured books and soft toys.

Peaceful Input
Do not allow any angry or violent T.V. programs.
Keep music soft.
Walk in nature.
Have an animal that is gentle tempered.
Do not go to places that are loud and frenzied.

Nurture and Support:
Yoga for children
Occupational therapy for helping them with their sensitivities (e.g. tactile defensiveness) and their sensory integration.
Reduce the effects of the electromagnetic fields in the home and
Provide equal parenting from mother and father (if possible) so they will experience a balance of feminine and masculine energy.


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