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Bullying has become one of the biggest problems for our youth.  What is this really about?  Our souls only know love, therefore there has to be an enormous amount of soul loss in the person who does the bullying.  It is as if our streets are filled with Gladiators of a different nature.  We need to take responsibility to put an end to this growing dilemma.  Our films, entertainers, TV, Web sites, Chat rooms, etc., all encourage darkened behavior.  As a mass, we need to stand up and say NO.  We need to stop seeing these movies, stop paying for these entertainers, stop watching violent TV and stop reading and watching the news.  It will reach a tipping point and then watch for the miraculous signs of transformation. Bullying is ALL of our problem, not just a problem for those who bully or are bullied.  We are all one family, when one of us hurts, we all hurt.

Long ago a very wise psychiatrist wrote:  “When a traumatic event happens in our lives, more often than not, we suffer soul loss. The more traumatic the event, the more soul loss that occurs.”  Soul loss is a loss of our light.  When we lose our light, darken energies come into our space.  When someone bullies, more often than not, they are being or have been bullied at home.  It is a learned behavior.

The statistics of suicide of innocent people who have been the victims of bullying is staggering and alarming.  We need to make this issue a priority, whether at home, in school, the government, or at work; we cannot afford to lose another beautiful soul.  There is so much written now concerning this subject.  We need to get to the people who bully as quickly as possible.  We need to get to them before someone gets hurt.  Harnessing Happiness tools are designed to bring things up, revealing the difficulties.  The dark side gets exposed to the light.  It is so important that problems be solved before they become insurmountable.

We need to join together to stop all bullying, at every level.  This includes us, our government, our politicians and even other countries.  We must raise the bar of behavior and set an example of goodness, respect and equality.

Being Bullied:  Feeling intimidated, tyrannized, creates extreme fear and anger turns inward.

Suggested Solution: Do not let it go.  Go to the web site, – there are a lot of people available to help. Get the assistance you need to stop it as quickly as possible.  If we are in a situation that is too difficult for us to handle and we feel frightened, we must find someone who can help us. We were never meant to make it alone; there is ALWAYS someone, somewhere who can help.  Do not give up trying to find that person.

Being a Bully: Intimidating, tyrannizing, likes creating fear in others.

Suggested Solution: The more we hurt others, the more we hurt ourselves.  When we want to bully someone or something, it is usually because we felt victimized by someone else.  When our anger gets out of control, we suffer great shame.  The angrier we get, the more shame we feel.  It is like a vicious cycle.  Stop the madness. We do not let our lives become ruptured by a moment of insanity.  Nothing good can be accomplished by harming another, the end never justifies the means.


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