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Death and Dying

Death and dying are a part of life, just like becoming pregnant and birthing.  Dying is likened to pregnancy and death is simply re-birth.  When we realize how much else there is in the magnificent universe, we overcome our fears of dying.  We stop our internal earthly dialogue; we start to listen to the whisperings of heaven. 

When a person feels complete with their life, they rest in serenity and contentment.   However, if they feel upset or unfinished, unfortunately their spirit follows suit.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to help a person who is in the process of dying to feel positive about their life’s journey.

During times of intense grief, for those who have lost someone, it is imperative to keep feelings flowing to maintain an open heart.  Many people do not know how to express these feelings because all they are aware of is a dull ache, or numbness.  Coming through this heartache allows for the emergence of a stronger, more compassionate human being, with healthy coping skills.

Suggestions for Dying

Soft music
Blankets and linens that are of soft material and pastel colors
Water fountain
Soft pictures on wall
Photos of loved ones not able to be present
Lots of sponge baths with appropriate fragrant soaps
A soft, stuffed animal to hug
Read inspiring books or poetry to the person
Bring up memories of goodness and good deeds - it brings solace and comfort