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The most important aspect of our human journey is our ability to have and sustain relationships.  We are not meant to go it alone and it is not possible to grow alone. Relationships are our biggest teachers.  We cannot have a good relationship with another until we have a good relationship with ourselves.  When we establish a good relationship with ourselves, we attract someone who has also developed their own self-worth.  Then a balanced inter-dependence is formed, whereby each stands in their own power, completely whole unto themselves. There is a knowing that more can be achieved by being together than by being alone.

On the other hand, when we do not feel complete ourselves, we develop relationships that are co-dependent. This does not work, is not healthy and will not bring us happiness.  When we do not depend on another for our good feelings, we do not blame them for our bad ones.  No one else can complete us; no one else can keep us alive.  When we leave this planet, we are meant to have a sense of fulfilment and completion within ourselves.  To become enlightened is to become enlivened by our own goodness and greatness.

Ten Commandments for a Healthy Relationship

Love cannot live without it.

Love cannot grow without it.

Love cannot work without it.

Love cannot be peaceful without it.

Love cannot be sustained without it.

Sense of Humor
Love cannot blossom without it.

Love cannot breathe without it.

Love cannot endure without it.

Love cannot seed without it.

Love cannot create without it.


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