Harnessing Happiness is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to emotional knowledge and intelligence, conflict resolution and life handling skills, for all ages. Because so much of the negativity in our world is out of our control, we believe hope lies in our ability to deal with problems in a respectful, mindful and loving way.  All of our materials are written with this belief in mind. 

Onionhead is part of Harnessing Happiness.  We used an onion as a medium to express peeling our feelings, as a way of healing our feelings.  As well, an onion has no gender, which is beneficial for children’s usage.

Our manuals, wisdoms and some of our materials are downloaded for free.  Our mandate is to help everyone, everywhere with everyday challenges.  Presently, our manuals and writings have been downloaded in over 121 countries.  To be clear, when one purchases our products, all proceeds go to the mission.  No administration costs or salaries are funded from Harnessing Happiness. We are here as a vehicle, devoted to do our part, to help people find more peace and happiness, which in turn will provide wellness for our wounded world.


Harnessing Happiness by Harvesting Hope

More than ever, we need good news. This foundation is dedicated to finding ways to infuse happiness and hope into everyday life. One cannot share what one does not live. As a team, we commit to using our guides and tools.  It was through this commitment that we learned what worked and what did not.  The end results have been nothing short of miraculous.  Our individual happiness blossomed and our lives took on new meaning.  It is from this change, that we became inspired to share it with others. 

Happiness and hope do not come from anything external.  We cannot change the way others think and act.  Therefore, in order to create the change we want to see and feel, we must change ourselves.  Our guides and tools promote ways and means of living more harmoniously, no matter what else is happening in our lives.  We learn to view everything with different eyes because we source our own empowerment and enlightenment.

We have a full product line that covers the entire human spectrum......children, tweens, teens, and adults.  All of our materials offer the opportunity to change your perspective, shift your awareness and live a more fulfilled, authentic life.

Please explore our topics and welcome to our mission.

Hidden in our deepest feelings are our highest truths.  The more we accept and honor ourselves, the more we discover the miracle of our own authenticity.  It is for this reason that our foundation was birthed so that everyone could experience the intelligence and inspiration of our materials. 

Harnessing Happiness Foundation offers materials for personal development only and does not claim to solve or cure any problems.

Harnessing Happiness Donates to Texas

Due to hurricane Harvey in Texas, there are thousands and thousands of children and animals who are homeless.  Harnessing Happiness has donated financially to help them all in this time of need.  Please join us in the call to help these people who no longer have their homes.

Onionhead Takes Trips to Hospitals Across the U.S.

Onionhead donates to children needing long term care in hospitals across the U.S.  Each child receives an individualized packaged present.  We feel the children need to know that someone out here cares about them.  As well, we are determined to spread love.

Harnessing Happiness Donates

Harnessing Happiness has made a commitment to donate thousands of dollars worth of products to non-profits that help children who were abducted into the sex trade.  This is such a serious problem and we hope that all who come to this site will try to help someone, somewhere. We believe that if good people unify, we have a chance to put an end to this madness.

Onionhead Goes To Kids In Need

Harnessing Happiness is devoted to donate Onionhead to children in need.  This includes foster children, not yet adopted children, sick children, homeless children or children of parents who are in financial distress.  Some of the places we have donated to include:

  • Sonoma ASPCA for fire relief
  • Napa ASPCA for fire relief
  • National Down Syndrome Society 
  • Feed the Children
  • Toys for Tots
  • Kinship Center
  • Cheerful Givers
  • National Autism Association
  • Happy Hearts Kids Care
  • CancerCare
  • K.I.D.S. in Distressed Situations
  • University of the Pacific
  • Siskiyou Child Care Council
  • Siskiyou County Library
  • The Toy Bank
  • Toy Industry Foundation
  • Kleingbeil Foundation
  • Jonathan's Place
  • Making Miracles Corp
  • Military Police School
  • Yes I Can
  • Operation Homefront
  • Neighborhood Service Council
  • Sunny Hills Services

  • Island Adventures Child Care
  • Child Care Inc.
  • The NYSPCC
  • Cayuga Home for Children
  • With Wings and a Halo - R.E.A.C.H. a Child!
  • Mercy Home for Children
  • OHEL Children's Home & Family Services
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Manchester School
  • University of NM Children's Hospital
  • Loma Linda University Children's Hospital
  • Ann & Robert Lurie Children's Hospital
  • La Robida Children's Hospital
  • Valley Children's Hospital
  • St. Louis Children's Hospital
  • Children's Minnesota
  • Children's Hospital at Providence
  • Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Children's Home Poughkeepsie
  • Leake & Watt
  • Children's Home Society of Florida
  • Astor Home for Children
  • Children's Crisis Center
  • Los Ninos Services


Our 501c3 nonprofit organization is committed to saving lives in Africa through building rain catchment systems.  A child dies every 15 seconds from lack of water or water borne diseases.  Please check our website: www.savetherain.org

Our motto is: save a raindrop - save a life


Our 501c3 nonprofit organization is devoted to rescuing horses and other animals from slaughter, abuse, neglect & abandonment; providing them sanctuary for the rest of their lives.  All proceeds from the animal section of our store goes to Humanity for Horses.  Please check our website: www.humanityforhorses.org.

Our motto is: save a animal - save an angel

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